Chamundi Hill Palace

Chamundi Hill Palace

Chamundi Hill Palace is situated on Raj Kumar Estate, a lush greenery of a 250 acres rubber plantation. This exclusive ayurveda resort lies amidst peaceful surroundings in a stunning beauty of trees and flowering shrubs, 1300 feet above sea level.The estate is almost hidden and perched high, overlooking green and fertile hills and valleys. The Government-approved GREEN LEAF Ayurveda Centre offers authentic treatment for visiting clients.

REJUVENATION PROGRAM (07 days , 14 days & 21 days)

According to ancient wisdom the therapy endows a person with longevity, better memory and intellect, improved complexion, and the strengthening of the sensory and motor organs.

STRESS RELIEF PROGRAM(14 days & 21 days)

The program aims at providing relief from mental and physical stress, insomnia, lack of concentration, headaches etc. The program often does wonders for people who work with computers, travel frequently and work late and irregular hours.


Treatment includes different types of massages, medicated steam bath, special diet with herbal juices and tea, plus yoga and meditation.

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