At Namami, there’s a harmonious fusion of the ancient and modern streams of medical sciences. Our approach to wellness is inspired by proven knowledge and wisdom of ethnic life sciences practiced for centuries. 
A holistic model of treatment comprising of Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Yoga, Meditation, Oriental Medicine and Alternative health is provided to the guests through totally personalized healthcare routines. The health touch of specialists who have spent a lifetime perfecting the ancient sciences passed-on through generations spearhead this unique healthcare initiative called Namami, where a complete transformation of one's body, soul and mind is assured.


Panchakarma,is a combination of five treatments used to effectively detoxify the body and eliminate the illness causing Doshas. The body also becomes receptive to various therapies like Rasayana (Rejuvenation) &Vajikaranam (Aphrodisiac).

Weight loss program (14 & 21 days)

 A 14-21 days in house program , where you will lose 6-10 Kg with strict dieting, yoga and PANCHAKARMA – an Ayurvedic detox program to correct your metabolism and increase your fat burning capacity. Throughout the course you will also be taking herbal internal medicines for helping your metabolism to improve fat burning capacity. Once you achieve your goal weight you can sustain it by Simple Yoga postures and slight adjustments in your diet throughout life.

Healthy Spice package (05 days)

For professionals with job nature of prolonged sitting, frequent travelling, improper postures. The treatment Reduces back & neck muscle stiffness, improves tonicity, protects bony alignment and repairs strained ligaments.

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