Mystic Musings At Meesapulimala


22 May, 2017


Kerala Tours

The Meesapulimala trek is just what your tired heart needs. Located in the Idduki district of Kerala, at an impressive height of 8,661 feet, the 8 km Meesapulimala trekking takes around 2 hours to complete.

This beautiful South India Camping Tour will take you through eight hills on the shared border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The peak gets it's name from it's resemblance to a tiger's face. Don't worry! You are not likely to see any tigers on this trek.

Trek past quaint old tea estates, across babbling brooks, and hundreds of Rhodondendrons in bloom to reach your destination.

Where does the trek begin?

There are two popular trails for you to choose from. There is the shorter one through Rhodovalley (8 km). The longer trail starts from Kurangani and is 15km long. On both trails you will be surrounded by rainforests.

What you can expect from the trek to Meesapulimala through Rhodovalley?

Rhodovalley gets its name from the hundreds of rhododendron trees that line it. You will begin at the base of the hill, through a Jeep track. After about 10 minutes, you will notice the trail begin to get steeper as it veers left.

The trek takes you to the summit of the first hill. This climb can take approximately 30 minutes. If you are lucky, you can view the exotic Neelakurinji blossoms. These rare flowers bloom only once in 12 years.

When you reach the first peak, you can view the majestic Meesapulimala peak to the left. Gaze over the towns of Munnar and Suryanelli, as you catch your breath. Trek downwards, till you reach a shallow stream. Cross it.

View the Anayaironkal Lake in this part of the trek. In another 20 minutes, you will begin your second ascend. From here the hills get easier to climb. They are of similar heights, and the trekking gets lighter.

At the seventh hill, you will be faced with another steep climb. Soon you will reach Meesapulimala Peak. Gaze out into the breathtaking view of the shared border between Kerala and Tamil Nadu from the peak.

You can see the majestic hills descending on the western side, juxtaposed with the rolling Tamil Nadu plain-lands to the east. It is a photographer's paradise, with rolling clouds and panoramic view of the verdant surroundings.

Reach before sunrise, to witness the magic of mist and fog. As the first rays of the sun touches the peak, they give way to exhiliarating views of the Western Ghats. You can take help of the local guides from the village. Feel the stress of the city melt away along with the fog, on this wonderful  camping and trekking at Meesapulimala.