Unwind In The Lap Of Nature With The South India Camping Tour Packages


25 May, 2017


Kerala Tours

Travel to Kerala is much more than just backwater stays. If the thrill of adventure is what gets you going, then Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is just what you seek! This South India Camping Tour Packages, lets you enjoy the diverse natural splendours and landscape of India.

What are the highlights of Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary? 

Situated 18 km to the north of Marayoor, it falls in the picturesque Idukki district of Kerala. Chinnar boasts of a rich and diverse ecosystem, that has been protected with care. It is home to a number of medicinal plants and exotic species of animals.

There are a number of exotic accommodation options for you to choose from here. You can pick from 3 log huts, 2 tree houses, and 1 forest lodge.

How is the terrain at Chinnar?  

One of the first things you will notice when you reach, is the difference in the topographic features. The terrain is mostly undulating, dotted with rocky patches. There is an extreme variation in the altitude here. Within the radius of only a few kilometers you can encounter altitudes varying from 500 to 2400 m. This makes for an interesting contrast in temperatures.

The fantastic flora at Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

Chinnar falls in the rain shadow region of the Western Ghats. This makes the vegetation of this area unique from what is found in the other forests of Kerala. The forests fall under the category of dry deciduous forest. It remains dry almost all through the year.

The wide variation of altitudes in such a limited radius makes for very intriguing variation of vegetation. The flora of the areas surrounding the sanctuary is unlike anything that can be found in the other forests of Kerala.

What wildlife can be expected to be spotted here?

Chinnar is home to many exotic animal species. The star attraction is the endangered gizzled giant squirrels. Chinnar is the only other habitat of this near threatend species. It is also home to the fabled Manjapatti white bison.

Some activities to try at Chinnar

You can always choose to sit back, and relax. However, if you are up for some adventure, then there are numerous eco-tourism options as well. You can take the nature trail to the watchtower, or try the Chinnar river trek.

Those looking for cultural enrichment, can trek to the dolmens. Trek to the nearby Thoovanam falls or participate in trekking and camping at Vasyappara. Visit one of the medicinal gardens or take part in interpretation activities.

Visit the machans at Koottar, Champakkad, and Karakkad, or spend some time at the tree house at Chinnar. We have the best South India camping tour packages for you!